The Blooded Desert

One of Ganim's moons, this desert realm is home to many dangers. The origin point of the vicious Cayosin Assassins, and home to many venomous and deadly fauna, Tennatis is not exactly a popular tourist destination.

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The Cayosin Rising: Edit

The Cayosin, otherwise known as the Blades of Red Sands, are a cult of assassins that formed sometime in the past 3000 years in the harsh deserts of Tennatis. They worship the Chaotic Void, a place in the Eternal Void full of beings of chaos.

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The realm is split into several city-states, each with its own elected leaders and governments. The law enforcement plays a huge role in the realm, as the ever present threat of the Cayosin Cult ensures their necessity.

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Tennatis is largely desert like in climate, being hot and arid. most of the plant life is very hardy and able to survive little rainfall. The realm mostly has the same temperatures, and only 2 seasons, The dry season and the rain season.

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