The Lightning Rains.

One of the moons of Ganim, this realm is famed for its storms and solitary natured inhabitants. It is the least populated moon of Ganim.

 History Edit

All history in Shyra is passed down though Lore Keepers all over the nation. Consistency in story is hard to tell from the differences in storytelling.

A lot of wild spirits live on the plains, and are known to interfere with the affairs of mortals frequently.

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Government Edit

Shyra is very loosely governed, being so sparsely populated and widespread from each other. Most inhabitants just keep to themselves and are self sustaining. There are a few laws in place but not many people to enforce them, so it's hard to find people doing wrong in Shyra.

Even in bigger settlements there tends to only be a few law enforcers, and they can only go to the far towns a few times a month.

Society Edit

Largely a lawless society, Shyra is home to a collection of many small towns or family run settlements. Most people tend to be untrusting and are well versed in defence due to the sparse law enforcement in the smaller places.

There is a large emphasis on protecting your own, due to the frequent attacks by bandits and the like on settlements far from larger towns.

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Geography and Climate Edit

Shyra is largely made up of plains and thin forests. Shyra is famous for it's near constant rain and lightning storms. A very humid and wet moon, it has much greenery growing in the plains and forests.

There are only two seasons on this moon, called the Sun Rains and the Moon Rains. The Sun Rains is the half of the year where the rains and temperatures remain warmer and lightning is more frequent. The Moon Rains are the other half of the year where it grows colder and mostly just rains or occasionally snows, very little lightning is seen during these times.

Economy Edit

Shyras main export is lighting charged items and herbs grown in the plains.

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