The Realm of Flame Eternal, home to the Phoenix race of ().

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Home To the (), the population is almost entirely made up of them. They value community and knowledge, and encourage self discovery and enlightenment seeking for all the citizens.

Capitol city of Qal min Alamae

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The <> are as a species demi romantic and demi sexual, so fidelity and intimacy are sacred to them. They have no qualms with any kind of love, so long as it is consensual. They have many qualms with the <> for just this reason, as they see polygamy, casual sex and casual relations to be very distasteful, and tantamount to cheating.

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Ignis Aeterna is a tropical climate that stays consistently warm year round. The realm has a high oxygen level due to mutated plants on the surface that output large quantities.

The realm is covered in plant life, including dense tropical forests and huge grass fields. Many of these plants have been magically altered to be flame resistant.

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